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Mad Hatters

Two of our recent class tasks required us to use Photoshop to create montages.

The brief consisted of creating  two crazy hats (one for him, another for her):

Exercise 1: Her Most Fabulous Hat

Using the renaissance profile image provided, create an image in Photoshop with the following dimensions :

30cm wide x 80 cm height @ 300 res

NOTE: the woman’s head must be at the bottom of the image and her hat must be the tallest thing ever seen.

This is an exercise in IMAGINATION composing a vertical image, by creating a collage by cutting and pasting in Photoshop.

The main thing is that you use found images to construct her most fabulous hat…that is a big vertical hat.

This is GRAPHIC : think Poster as opposed to a painting – “The Madder The Better!”

Exercise 2: His Most Fabulous Hat

Same as previous exercise, using the statue of David as the starting point. However this time construct a hat made of ancient SCULPTURE parts.You will need to think how your collage will work matching the marble look of David.

Note the angle of the head is from the bottom looking up: you may consider having his hat getting smaller at the top to complete the perspective illusion.


My first interpretation came about researching the Renaissance. I kept discovering references to Archimedes, cranes, pulleys and similar devices. You will notice from the detail images that all the parts connect and there is a flow between them.

Some have commented that maybe this piece could represent how a woman thinks, but I will let you draw your own conclusions…


“Vitruvious Woman”

“Vitruvious Woman – Detail 1”

“Vitruvious Woman – Detail 2”

“Vitruvious Woman – Detail 3”


For a bit of fun, I then created Marg’s Family Tree. You can see I even included Santa’s Little Helper!

“Marg’s Family Tree”

“Marg’s Family Tree” – Detail 1

“Marg’s Family Tree” – Detail 2

“Marg’s Family Tree” – Detail 3


His hat at first was much harder to settle on a suitable design concept.  I had quite a few false starts with stacking various statue components together. These initial attempts were frustrating as I  just could not seem to arrange the pieces satisfactorily. After a while I realised that repeating elements seemed to work best for me.

I have called this first piece “Under Control”. In the details you will notice that a duplicated Nike figure (with extended wings) has long puppet-like controls to David’s golden lion epaulettes. Also, the column is actually composed of repeated and inverted Colosseums.

“Under Control”

“Under Control” – detail 1

“Under Control” – detail 2

“Under Control” – detail 3

Inspired by the repeating pattern concept, I then used horse head figures to create “Better A Horses Head Than Arse”. I love how the repeating pattern of horse heads looks like a spine.

Notice in the detail the top of the hat is a distorted image of The Duomo in Florence (which is just up the street from the Museum where David is on display).


“Better A Horses Head Than Arse”

“Better A Horses Head Than Arse” – Detail 1

“Better A Horses Head Than Arse” – Detail 2

“Better A Horses Head Than Arse” – Detail 3

By the third piece I was just getting silly, but having a huge amount of fun. I think it is funny that at first everyone thinks they are lovely butterflies arranged on a stem, until they have a closer look….


*********************** NOTE **********************

Do not scroll down if you are offended by male genitalia…







“Dick-Head” – Detail 1

“Dick-Head” – Detail 2

“Dick-Head” – Detail 3