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I Feel The Need For Speed

I have posted blog entries before about Nick’s super-fishing boat (Looking For A Cover Shot) and how it is bristling with technology. I may have mentioned it is also very fast! The ride between fishing spots is generally short and thrilling. This week Nick invited me on to join him in another session out on the lake.

The lake is glassy-smooth. Nick comments that normally the fishing is better with a bit breeze. Later we find that when the breeze picks up we immediately start hooking fish. When it drops off so does the catch rate. Whilst not scientific we observe this behavior enough times to see a definite pattern.

Nick fishes in various competitions and has several different sponsors. The lures we are using are Atomic blades. They are skinny fish-shaped metal lures. You cast them out and wait for them to sink to the bottom. The retrieve is an erratic one. You wind to take up a bit of slack line then lift your rod. With braided fishing line you can feel the lure vibrating. After this lift you let the lure flutter to the bottom and then repeat.

I am still a newbie at this style of lure fishing but thrilled when I catch a very solid bream very early in the session, then immediately follow with a lovely snapper. These are one of my favourite fish to catch on light gear. They are a beautiful fish with the iridescent blue flecks, they fight hard and are good to eat.

Despite Nick insisting it is a slow fishing day I keep a snapper and a couple of bream for dinner and we return most of our catch. Hope you enjoy the photos.


Nick's very cool fishing boat

Nick’s very cool very functional fishing boat

Marks first bream of the day

Marks first bream of the day

Those teeth munch through oysters and clams with ease

Nick at the helm

Nick at the helm

Just another beautiful day on the lake

Just another beautiful day on the lake

I feel the need for speed

I feel the need for speed

cold steel...

Cold steel…

the lake is glassy smooth

The lake is glassy smooth

last light - last cast

Last light – last cast

a good result

A great result

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