Ned_KarijiniIf you had to label me with a particular genre, I would probably opt for landscape photographer. I love the challenges that trying to capture the landscape throws at you.  The right mix of light and weather can transform even the most mundane landscape into something wonderful.

Throw in a bit of artistic interpretation in post and hopefully you will get an image that evokes a response or some sort of connection, rather than “oh – that’s a pretty picture”.

I want my images to make you feel something, see something, remind you of something. Everyone is unique. We all bring our own life experiences with us when we view art. That is why the same image can make one person laugh and yet another cry, simply by the emotional response it triggers.

I love clouds, trees and rocks!!

I want to  move beyond what the camera sees to what my mind thinks it sees. Sometimes the resulting image appears as imagined, other times images take on a new life, different to the original intent. It is the endless possibilities that make the process of image making, not picture-taking, so stimulating.

I don’t take pictures, I make art. I can experiment with a myriad of techniques, with the only limitation being imagination.

I have started a BLOG based on the concept “It’s Not The Gear But The Idea”. For me an iPhone and a couple of apps is one of the best cameras I have, since it is the one I always have with me. I find I am training myself to approach photography more as an artist would, and can “sketch” ideas using the iPhone plus Snapseed.

I am an accredited professional photographer as a member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography).

Also I am a Phase One Certified Professional, which I shoot with only the best gear and know how to use it. (

All the images on this site are for sale as fine art prints. If you are visiting the Southern Highlands please contact me to organise a print viewing. Stunning prints from my various exhibitions are still available by appointment. If you like the images on this website then you should see an actual print. Nothing you can see on-screen compares to standing in front of a large print.

Arthead have printed my images then sealed them using a special heat sealing process. The heat seal has UV inhibitors and is easy to clean with a wet cloth.  Prints do not need glass or acrylic so prints are lighter and do not suffer from any reflections. A bonus is that the process gives the images a wonderful “painterly” finish.

Shipping heat-sealed printed rolled up in a protective tube is a great way to safely and cheaply transport prints anywhere.certified_white