Autumnal Exhibition

Fine art prints capturing the magnificent Autumn colours of New Zealands South Island around Queenstown, Arrowtown & Skippers Canyon.

Yellow Butterflies Invite - frontAutumn Lace IIPipedream Invite - backPetals on MossPetals on RockRed ButterfliesOn FireAutumn Lace IIIAutumn Lace IBlack,White and RedRed FireLeaf TrioUnbelongingDown in the WoodsClinging OnArtists PaletteGold TapestryGreen and GoldBrush Strokes IBrush Strokes IITwistEdge of the LakePinemr_kelly_LandingPage2_800px.jpgFernAblazeFloweringFairyStormyBridgeTideSoundSunkSheepReachSheltered