Fine Art Photos That Look Like Etchings

In an earlier post I outlined the steps to convert a photograph into a fine art etching. Below are some more examples of the technique.


“Waratah I”


Kangaroo Paw

“Kangaroo Paw”


Paper Daisies

“Paper Daisies II”


Sun Orchid

“Sun Orchid”


Flannel Flowers

“Flannel Flowers”


Fallen Gums

“Fallen Gums”

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  1. Wanda Lach June 6, 2013 at 9:04 am #

    these are exquisite Mark! I’ve had a go with your technique and I am very pleased with the results. I have been looking forever for a plug-in or stand-alone program to give a watercolour finish (I’m a frustrated artist lol!) and your technique plus using different brushes is giving me the results I have been looking for!

    • MKImages June 6, 2013 at 9:21 am #

      Hi Wanda
      I’m glad that you found the technique useful! My TAFE lecturer liked my blog and asked me to demonstrate the method to the class. I think the hand-painting the colour back in is what makes the method so successful. For that stage I actually use a black & white copy of the image as a mask. I then paint gradually on the mask (maybe a 10-20% opacity soft brush) to reveal the colours. Also, that colour layer has a reduced opacity to give “watery” look.

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