Art Nouveau Pattern Assignment Part 1

Our major assessment task this semester was to design our own patterns. The patterns had to be inspired by a particular style such as:

  • Bauhaus
  • 1950’s
  • Art Nouveau

An additional requirement was to show the use of our patterns in various applications including:

  1. Tiles
  2. Fabric
  3. Wallpaper
  4. Phone/iPad skin
  5. Tattoo

During research I was drawn to Japanese styles ie Art Nouveau.

What was not immediately clear was that our lecturer expected us to derive patterns from our own ink drawings! I am not used to drawing freehand so really struggled with this task. In hindsight my approach was wrong as I had a particular Art Nouveau design that I was trying to reproduce and not concentrate on just making interesting marks, patterns and shapes. I persevered and ended up with some 43 pages of various blobs and brush strokes.

Ink Marks used for Art Nouveau patterns

Ink drawings used as pattern components

I numbered, then scanned each page as a PDF. The originals served as a quick reference catalogue. From each page I picked only a tiny part then assembled a pattern by copy past  and transforming the components. A pattern was then very quickly created by simply duplicating the group of components, occasionally offsetting or reflecting. A final step was a matter of replicating as required then filling in with different colours.

Art Nouveau how to build a pattern

How to build a pattern

I was amazed! from maybe 4 brushstrokes I was able to create a whole set of different and varied patterns. It looks like I have an endless supply of material that could be used.  Also, now I know how brushstrokes can be used, I would focus a lot more on just form and shape rather than trying to create an entire pattern component.

Mark Kelly Art Nouveau Pattern 02

Pattern 02

Mark Kelly Art Nouveau Pattern 03

Pattern 03

Mark Kelly Art Nouveau Pattern 04

Pattern 04

Mark Kelly Art Nouveau Pattern 08

Pattern 08

Mark Kelly Art Nouveau Pattern 09

Pattern 09

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