Invite - frontInvite - backYellow Butterflies - Mark Kelly Pipedream - Mark Kelly Autumn Lace II - Mark KellyRed Butterflies - Mark KellyPetals on Moss - Mark KellyOn Fire - Mark KellyPetals on Rock - Mark Kelly Autumn Lace III - Mark KellyAutumn Lace I - Mark KellyRed Threads - Mark Kelly Black,White & Red - Mark - Mark Kelly Forest Fire - Mark Kelly Leaf Trio - Mark KellyDown in the Woods - Mark KellyGold Tapestry - Mark KellyUnbelonging - Mark Kelly Artists Palette - Mark Kelly Clinging On - Mark KellyGreen & Gold - Mark Kelly Brush Strokes I - Mark KellyTwist - Mark KellyEdge of the Lake - Mark Kelly Brush Strokes II - Mark KellyPine - Emma KellyFern - Emma KellyAblaze - Emma KellyFlowering - Emma KellyFairy - Emma KellyBridge - Emma KellyStormy - Emma KellyTide - Emma KellySound - Emma KellySunk - Emma KellySheep - Emma KellyReach - Emma KellySheltered - Emma Kelly

All images are available as fine art prints, please email me so we can discuss your requirements.

Currently my daughter & I are exhibiting framed photographic prints for our “Autumnal” Exhibition.

I am also extremely excited to announce that I have launched my new “mr kelly” brand of Made in Australia pure silk scarves.

**********   My new mr kelly scarf e-shop is OPEN!! visit:      ************

The exhibition opened on SAT 5th OCT 2013 and was a great success. Visit the MKImages Gallery within the Milk Factory Gallery complex.

Also checkout my BLOG for the latest news, info and short articles related to photography.

If you are in the Southern Highlands Bowral visit the MKImages Gallery (part of the Milk Factory Gallery).